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zaterdag 22 mei 2021

Tony Blair:
All this is happening against the backdrop of a real-world transformation. 
We are living through the most far-reaching upheaval since the 19th-century Industrial Revolution: a technology revolution of the internet, AI, quantum computing, extraordinary advances in genomics, bioscience, clean energy, nutrition, gaming, financial payments, satellite imagery – everything, every sphere of work, leisure and life is subject to its transformative power. 
The question is how it is used: to control humanity or liberate it, to provide opportunities for those presently without opportunity, or to put even more power, wealth and opportunity in the hands of those already well off.

This is the central political challenge of our time, and those who understand this revolution, show how it can be mastered for the benefit of the people, and harness it for the public good, will deservedly win power. 
It is a challenge tailor-made for the progressive cause. It requires active government; a commitment to social justice and equality; an overhaul of public services, particularly health and education; measures to bring the marginalised into society’s mainstream; and a new 21st-century infrastructure.  

Het citaat komt uit een vlammend artikel in New Statesman mei 2021.

Dit artikel zou verplicht leesgoed moeten zijn voor Lilian Ploumen, Jesse Klaver, Laurens Dassen en Lilian Marijnissen. Ja, ook voor Sigrid Kaag.

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